Monday, September 20, 2010

Hovercraft ride over Roebuck Bay to see dinosaur prints
Camel rides into the sunset.

The old 1905 Sun Theatre with deck chairs.

Jen on Cable beach.

The unit in Palm Resort... Do we all look tied of the van?

We have arrived in Broome on Thursday 9th of September after a 2 Day intensive drive from Kununurra (1200km) with a stopover in Fitzroy Crossing only. Well it was worth the drive , we checked into The Palms Resort and are staying in a family unit. Broome exist as two parts ,west side is Cable Beach which is a beautiful and well patrolled beach and lots of very exclusive accomodation with some great cafes and resaurants and the east side which is on Roebuck Bay (the town beach) with all the shops and Chinatown. Broome has about 15,ooo pop with a furthur 50,000 hitting it in the high season, which we are happy we have just missed. It's still like summer to us, with days of 32 deg. and clear skies. You can't help but see some parallels to Darwin with it's Cyclone disaster and the Japanese air strike in 1942 (just after Darwin). The stories go that the Japanese population was big due to their expertise in the Pearling industries here and all of them were locked up because of this air strike and many then had close frienships with the locals that now had to round them up , tough job!

We were staying on the Cable beach side so we made best use of that and have enjoyed some great sunsets driving right onto the beach and watching the Camel drives go past in the sunset.

The water is pristene , blue ,warm and safe so we hired some boogie boards , recliners and beach umbrellas that are all available set up on the beach and this made for some easy and great days.

I have now had a run in with a pearl shop , as pearls are the fame of Broome, from it's history with the Lugger boats . There are so many shops here displaying and selling pearls but most of them are imported which I find quite bizarre so we only looked at the locally produced pearls of which there are only 3 outlets from about a dozen of them. ...Andrew

We also enjoyed a night out at the outside Sun Movie Theatre. We watched Bran Nue Dae, which we found out on the Town Tour that we had done in the morning that it had been filmed in and around Broome, infact in one scene the actors are watching a movie in the same theatre we were watching the film in.

On the first look around we didn't think there were many good places to eat, but on closer inspection when we had a walk around we found a lot of great little cafes and restaurants in back allys and malls. We had a great lunch one day in Matsos micro brewery, where Andrew enjoyed a taste or two of the locally made beers.

We spent a lot of time on the beach during the day and at night watching the sunset, trying to get the perfect sunset photo!!!!!

I really loved Broome and wanted to stay longer but we knew that there were plenty more adventures to be had so we left our cosy cabin and we are headed for the Ningaloo Reef!!!!.Jude


  1. It just keeps getting better and better! Right now, I could do with some time out on a nice warm beach! Not sure that I remember what that's like!

  2. Wow, you haven't updated this for over a month!!! Now you are leaving us in Fremantle, you will have to start updating again so we can follow your trek home.

    Thanks for a great time in and around Perth. We all had a ball, especially the kids who are all a little sad to be saying farewell to you today. Maybe will will catch you on the Nullabour!!

  3. Just so you know I am sobbing. Sobbing I tell you. Come back and continue the party. Loved being here with you. Was ace fun. Thanks for having us.
    Update your blog often! We need to know you are having fun but not as much fun as when we were together!!! Haha. Who are we going to wine and cheese with?
    Safe travels,