Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just a few weeks now until we are finished this holiday and we begin our long trek home across the Nullabour. I personally am not looking forward to that because apart from the long and boring trip across without the caravanpark creature comforts that I have grown accustomed to, it also means that I am going to have to get back into school routine, lunches, cooking dinners, house work etc etc and all the mundane things I have not had to do since we started the holiday!!!!
Let me give you a quick roundup of the last week or so, we have spent the last week in the Margaret River Region, firstly at Gracetown caravan park and then we came into the Margaret River town caravan park. We have done a couple of lighthouse tours, visited an Eagle Heritage Park where the kids got to hold a Kite (raptor, bird)we went to the Yellingup Maze, the kids had a ball in the cafe area where the tables all have different puzzles on the to have a go at before they attempted the wooden maze, we have been to a variety of different wineries and breweries where we have partaken in a little sampleing, and some long relaxed lunches, whilst the children have frollicked at our feet on the winery lawns. We have been to several chocolate and cheese factories and enjoyed a taste or two there as well. Andrew and Courtney took a few cave tours, mammoth cave and Lakes cave. So as you can see there has been something for all of us here

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