Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A quiet start to the day,breakfast in the caravan and then the kids went off to play. I did some washing and began to pack up some of our stuff because we are leving Adelaide tomorrow. I have grown quite fond of our little spot on the beach, the crashing of the wave to send us to sleep at night and the walking on the boardwalk in the mornings.......I am sure there are more exciting places to come!!!!!

This afternoon we set off for the Adelaide Zoo to see the pandas. The zoo here is very well set out and not as big as the Melbourne zoo. Courtney is passionate about all animals and could spend hours and hours looking at every enclosure, I am pretty sure she took a photo of nearly every animal in the zoo!!!! So finally we get into see the pandas, well they were not that exciting really, both of them were having their afternoon sleep, the kids had more fun and spent a longer time climbing on and having photos with the panda statues that are around the panda enclosure.

People you will be pleased to know that we didn't go out for dinner tonight, we went to a deli and bought lovely cheese, dips and olives and some crusty bread and ate in the van. A nice glass of wine and some chocolate for after dinner and everyone was very full and happy.

Andrew has taken the girls over to the games room now for some games of table tennis and I am supposed to be clening up!!!!!!!

Well tomorrow night we will be in Coober Pedy, many interesting things to see there!!!!!


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  2. Wow! sounds like fun! hope you enjoy the rest of it. i will check the website every couple of days to check what you are up to next!

  3. p.s that second photo of cait and jen is very cute! cait looks like a model

  4. We are very excited to see your blog. Is Judy on the trip too? No photo of her yet! Keep us updated with your adventures. Kimberley x

  5. Hi eveyone! Excited to hear you've got your blog up and running! So happy to hear you saw the panda's! I'd love to!
    Enjoy the holiday!
    Missing you, Maya.

  6. Hey,
    I just wanted to tell you something in case you don't already know. You know Carly Cocoran? She's pregnant.

    Paige XD