Tuesday, July 27, 2010

At the Dog Fence 5600kms 0f wire fencing.
At the Break a ways!!

Cait in an underground mine!!!

Baron ness of the town itsself.....

Coming in to Coober Pedy!!!! Very flat and dry.

We left for Coober pedy on Monday morning and visitied the Arid Botanical Gardens on the Woomera outskirts. The garderns were really unusual but really very unique and beautiful. It was a long trip to Coober Pedy and the head wind we copped was relentless due to the open vastness of the plains and we lost approx. 70 kms worth of fuel because of this and we only just arrived with 20 litres to spare and thats a bit too close for comfort as there was no network coverage and very little traffic on the road.

Coober Pedy is not going to win any awards for "Tidy Town" and you can see why they made so many movies like Mad Max and outerspace type movies. The place does look like a Moonscape with mullock heaps. There is a great diversity of nationalities here and aboriginies are very prevalent in the streets and can get noisy at night around the town centre so we are glad that with advice we stayed at a park on the outskirts.(Stuart Dessert Park). We went on a great tour tuesday and saw a lot of underground dwellings , mines and a church. The bus driver was very entertaining and you get to talk to others about their journies as well. There tends to be a friendlyness among travellers and it's good to swap strories and get advice ( we don't have much of either yet). We went to the Dessert Caves resort for dinner which has won world acclaim for its uniqueness as most of it is underground and it built from dessert resources and really very impressive and we had the best meal there so far.

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  1. Wow. It really does look like the end of the earth. Looks like the Karoo in South Africa. Hope you took lots of photos of the underground stuff- I'd love to see it. Also, love to see some photos of the Botanical gardens? Sounds a bit interesting...