Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cutta Cutta Caves
Thermal springs at Katherine

Katherine Gorge

Katherine Gorge

Courtney and Jen enjoying breakfast on the Katherine Gorge breakfast

We arrived in Katherine Tuesday 17th and just had a day off to catch out breath from travelling as we have not really stopped for a while. We needed to straighten things up again and a bit of rejigging of the caravan, I think it's down to a finer art each time. We have indulged in a few guided tours here covering the Katherine Gorge (Nitmiluk now) . First we did a sunrise breakfast gorge cruise (those 6.00 am starts again). The walls of the Gorge are massive and still leach water even though we are nearly ending the dry season, must be dramatic here in the wet!! We went croc spotting down the river with a BBQ finish at around 9.20 pm. That could put you out of your comfort zone as it's very dark and jungle like up the Katherine river and teeming with wildlife at that time of night and then the boat bottomed out on a sand bar. So with plenty of fresh water crocs out there our guide had to jump out and push us off the sandbank. I don't know if was for affect but it added a different dimension to it. The amount of wildlife here is pretty amazing and the kids are really taking it all in. No sign of the saltwater crocs now as it is getting too dry but they are the nasty ones, they say freshwater will defend but salties attack! We also visited the Cutta Cutta caves just outside Katherine and spent some hot afternoons rolling around in the natural hot springs.They are very deep but clear and about 33 deg, you could sit in them for ever.

We must now move on again 260km north to Litchfield National Park. This is a bit like Kakadu from what we have heard, so we have decided to spend a few days there.

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  1. I love the photo of Katherine Gorge- So crisp and clear! You could almost visualize it as a beautiful enlarged photo on the wall. I hope some of these photos become artwork!! They are stunning...