Monday, August 9, 2010

Family "shadow" photo at Aryes Rock!!!
Kids having a good time at the "Roadies" show at Kings Canyon

Cait and Jen having a rest on a natural 'daybed' on a Kings Canyon

Scenic photo at the end of another Kings Canyon hike!!!!

Arrived at Kings Canyon Monday 3rd ,it is off the beaten track a bit (400 km) and we will have to go back the same way as the roads through to Alice are too rough for caravans. Travel now seems easier as we have got used to 400 to 5oo km trips, the time just slips by as long as you have a few stops along the way. Kings Canyon is spectacular so we took a helicopter flight through it and over the Gill ranges. The next day we did the full "Rim walk" (about 3 hours), and this was the most scenic walk I've had. Seems pretty dangerous though as there are shear unfenced cliff faces with drops of about 1000 ft and anyone can walk right up to the edges, and they do for a good photo. The resort at the Canyon is small but exclusive ( a crown lager "take away" is $7.5o each). They have a nightly show with live music and they involve the kids which they loved so we went every night.

Anyway back on the road for Alice on Friday 6th August , we will drive straight through 45o km.

Looks like I'm going to miss out on Troy's Bucks turn at the lake, sounds like they're going to have the full bash, typical of when I can't go. I miss the Friday pub nights also ,....everyone is having a good time without me !!??##.

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  1. I love the shadow photo! Ingenious!! I'm already seeing some great scrapbook pages coming along. We'll have to get out and dust off any australiana stamps we have. Was great to chat the other day.. Keep having Fun. xxxxxx