Monday, August 9, 2010

Right I know what people are wondering, "how are we all coping in such a confined space??"So far, after 3 weeks on the road all is good. We have worked out a routine of unpacking and packing up, and the kids have their jobs to do and they are very good at getting them done. The tubs of clothes in the back of the car is working well, [thanks Fi] and who would have known we could get by with so little clothing......those who know me know that I have an ebay obsession with clothes buying!!!!! The caravan is easy to keep clean, just a sweep and a mop, a quick flick of the the doonas, do a few dishes and that is it for the day, I am spending a lot of time doing what I love best, reading!!!!! I have started reading books on my Kobo now and I am loving it!!! The kids are enjoying the freedon that caravan parks allow, going off to use the facilities like the jumping pillows and playgrounds without having to wait for us. Cait is often up, dressed and had her breakfast all by herself, just waiting til we give her the she can run off to play with new friends at the park!!!
Andrew enjoys reading all the tourist information and booking in tours and fun things for the kids to do. So from apart from the great everyday things we do they have been on camel rides, helicoptor rides, they have hired go carts, they have tried a couple of pools but still too cold for swimming yet! At this caravan park in Alice Springs the have a Strawberry van that sells strawberry pav, strawberry pancakes, strawberry mousse and other strawberry concoctions and the kids [and Andrew] have been enjoying dessert here at night. we have done some cooking in the van, the usual bacon and eggs for breakfast, some rolls and sandwiches for lunch [not that that is cooking] and some nights we have had BBQs, Andrew cooks the meat outside on the BBQ and I cook some veges in the van. When we go out for dinner I usually cook Jen and Cait veges before we go so they are getting some nutritional value in their day.
I think the kids are enjoying all they are seeing, we chat about what we have done at night during dinner time and sometimes we are amazed at what they have picked up. Courtney is doing a great job of her journel, Jen and Cait have dropped off a bit so i must get back on to them.
At night we have been enjoying some card games and watching the Harry Potter Series of DVDs, we taught the girls how to play "PIG" and Andrew and I have loved watching their faces as they realise the game has finished and whichever one hasnt picked up that the game has ended!!!!
So all in all everything is going fabulously and we are beginning to think we are made for caravaning, but then again it has anly been 3 weeks so check back here again to see how we are getting along!!!!!!

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