Monday, August 16, 2010

Alice Springs at the Telegraph Station
Day Tour to Palm Valley

Courtney hand feeding the rock wallabys Alice Springs

"Aliens" at Wycliff Well

Courtney and her new friend at the Reptile Centre Alice Springs

We finished at Alice with tours to Standley Chasm , Palm Valley and Hermansberg with a guide that could only be described as a real "Bushy" and a great character. He didn't believe in TV or any technologies much but had some really interesting ideas about life and the bush, We learnt a lot from him.

We did a study of the route we are about to travel and decided that there really was not much to stop for until we get to Katherine now so we decided to just push through. Really some of what you may think are small towns are really just "Road Houses" with an allotment for a few vans.

We left Alice and went to Wycliff Wells , alien capital of Australia (didn't you know that.)!! They had plenty of evedence to suport it though. Then we left for Tennent Creek , what can you say about Tennent Creek..... not so much ... so we left and traveled 540km the next day to arrive at Mataranka on Sunday (15th Aug) This caravan park has no Jumping pillows ,no activities room but it's like living in a sactuary! Bird life and wallabies are all very tame and are everywhere with a beautiful dam full of water lilies and Barramundi which you can hand feed,and both Courtney and Cait have. Materanka is known for the classic Australian movie "We of the never never", and you can visit the homstead that was featured in it. It is also known for the natural warm water springs so we have spent the afternoon floating around in them, they are very deep, clear and warm.

"beer and wine O'clock" is still probably too early but we are so enjoying it!!!! along with the diet........well soon I'm sure...? 4th week on the road now and all really going quite well , no arguments or any problems really , I think thats because there has been very little

boredom so far and still too much to do and see. We sometimes just stop for a day and take a breath and thats great too, gee it's good without the schedule.

We think we will leave to go to Katherine on Tuesday. We have had some great chats to people about what to do and what to expect. Some of the trick to getting this trip right has been picking the right Caravan Park so word of mouth has become important and is working really well. Lots to do in Katherine so we will spend a few extra days there so stay tuned.!

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  1. I'm enjoying finding out about all these strange towns that I've never heard of! Love it. I had no idea there was an alien hub in the heart of Australia! Make sure Courtney documents everything!!